The Birth Story of Oliver – Atlanta Birth Photographer


So this incredibly strong Momma was in active labor for over three days and her beautiful baby boy was delivered by cesarean section early on a Sunday morning. Sometimes our birth plans don’t turn out exactly how we hoped but I believe that putting her baby’s needs before her desires are what gives her an amazing start to motherhood.


It started on October 17th when contractions were happening and I got a text to head on over. So around 1pm I grabbed all my gear and headed out. Unfortunately labor stalled out so we all headed back home to wait again.

One week later I got a text around 6:30am that contractions were 5 minutes apart and have been that way for an hour so I threw on some clothes, took care of some hygiene necessities of course ;] and headed out the door. It was a dark and cool morning with light traffic so that was nice being in the city, but then I got stuck two minutes out by a train moving 2mph. It was a nice (ha) throw back to living in the suburbs.

When I arrived Mom was handling contractions beautifully (she really did the whole time). Those lovely low hums and hip swaying positions is an important part of the birth experience.  So day one came to a close but contractions were still coming strong and mom wanted to try and sleep so we all did. They were very kind to have a futon and bed waiting for all of us to use just in case and boy it was nice to get a little sleep. So after six hours sleep (for me poor momma didn’t get much) everyone was up and in high gear to get that baby out.

The wonderful doula (Dzifa from A Womban’s Place) took her on walks, had her climbing some stairs, and of course a little dancing to lift the spirits and get those hips moving. Contractions really started picking up so since I am trained as a doula, we switched out assisting mom (see if you can spot the photo of me and mom!). We had thought it was the end a few times that day just based on mom’s sounds and how far apart the contractions were but we were to see another day. That night everything got quite around 1am and finally went to bed at 2am. We were awaken around 4:15 am saying that mom was exhausted and wanted to head to the hospital.

We all packed up and made our way down and arrived at 5am. Momma got some well needed rest with some help of good medicine and then awoke again that evening with very regular contractions and sounding like stages of transition. We were only to find she was still only 5cm dilated but baby was at a +1 station. So after a about 2 hours, mom decided to get an epidural and get some more rest and start pitocin in the morning. Well baby didn’t like those plans, and with his little heart rate dropping off then coming back up through most of the night, around 5:30am it was decided to do a cesarean.

As the doula and I staid behind, I turned my camera on auto and handed it to dad to get shots of the c-section because I was not allowed in the OR. Little Oliver made his appearance around 6:00am and boy was he ready to meet his parents! Dad did get some great shots and glad my camera made it in there to capture those important first moments of life. They had found that the cord was very tightly wrapped around his neck and it was said this was stalling the progress of labor and causing the baby’s heart rate to drop.

We met mom in recovery and got to spend some time with them. It was time to head home shortly after because I was running on about 8 hours of sleep for the past 72+ hours and left the hospital around 8:45am.

I got to meet back up with them 5 days after the birth and do a little newborn lifestyle session. All the images were so sweet and not posed at all. I love lifestyle sessions because you get to really see what life is like after the new baby is home. Mom and Dad are very much in love and I think everyone can say they have never seen Dad smile so much. Excited for all the things to come for this new family and I hope their wonderful story can provide healing and memories to last lifetimes!

There is never a wrong place to get comfort in a contraction. Smart mom had knee pads.
I love his little hand reaching out like he is trying to touch his Dad.
Sweet tiny feet
This little guy has some strong eye contact!
Sweet intimate moment.
Mom and Dad soothing their little one.
UH! Look at that face!
Love breast feeding shots. Intimate and beautiful.
Hey Mom! I love you!
Sweet little guy embracing being earthside.
I love this shot. Dad’s expression, and the motion of them going to get that baby.
Gorgeous sleeping beauty. Jealous of that glowy skin!
I love that it looks like he is trying to give her his strength.
To die for silhouette!
Beautiful support from Dad
Healing and helping hands


The Birth Story of Savannah – Atlanta Birth Photographer


Before I go to far into this birth story I have to say a few short things. Lauren did such a wonderful job during labor and I am so honored to be able to document such a magnificent day. The love this couple has for each other is absolutely beautiful and its because of this I know they will make fabulous parents. Savannah is one lucky little girl.

Savannah’s due date was September 14th, and yes, you did your calculations correctly. Savannah made her appearance two weeks and four days after her due date. She was just giving mom and Dad a little extra time together alone even though they were so excited to meet her. Patience is, for sure, one of Lauren’s blessings.

I got a text from Mom around 10:45am on 10/2 saying today was the big day and that contractions were 10-12 minutes apart. I gathered a few items or two, skipped the make-up (ain’t nobody got time for that), threw on some nicer clothes, and grabbed my on-call bag and was out the door! This was a planned home birth and I lived about 45 minutes away so I was anxious to get there. I arrived around 11:45ish and mom was laboring beautifully and had created a little walking pattern. A neat joke was made that her middle name, if hadn’t already been picked out, could have been Jericho because of the amount of circling around the birth tub that was made.

Mom had such great energy and phrases during her labor. She would say things like “That was a good one” after her rushes and gave lots of smiles. The birth team, Traditional Birth Services, was phenomenal and knew just when to leave mom to her own and when she needed an extra hand. These ladies really knew their stuff. Her labor was like a great dance and everyone knew their steps.  About nine hours after I arrived mom started pushing. Savannah really wanted to stay warm and cozy in mom so everyone gathered up their things and we left the house around 10pm to meet Dr. Bootstaylor to help get her here! It was a quite adventurous trip because the GPS gave the leader the directions to Emory instead of Atlanta Medical so we had to do a quick turn around and head towards the right hospital. I am just thankful it was late enough that there was no traffic clogging up the streets. Savannah arrived at 11:49pm a 8lb 6oz  and 21 inch healthy baby girl. Mom worked and fought hard to get their sweet girl here and they were in pure bliss upon her arrival. She is so loved.


Happy Birthday Savannah!


A big thanks to Laura Paulescue with Crowned Photography for helping me make this birth video and photo combination possible and answering my millions of questions!


Here Are some of my favorite photos and why!

Atlanta Birth Photographer
Mom and Dad embracing a contraction together. Love how the sun is coming through the window right behind them.
Atlanta birth photographer
Enjoying the water and cradling baby.
Atlanta birth photographer
Team work! We got this!
Atlanta birth photographer
So many laughs and smiles. She made labor look fun!
Atlanta birth photographer
Very sweet midwife student helping mom relax
Atlanta birth photographer
Getting caught up in the power of the moment she is first holding her baby eathside
Atlanta birth Photographer
Very sweet embrace with her midwife.
Atlanta Birth Photographer
Mom was talking and paused, dropped her head back, and said “I’m sorry but I cant believe she is here”.
Atlanta birth photographer
Looking over all those sweet details
Atlanta birth photographer
And now she has Dad wrapped around her fingers..
Atlanta birth Photographer
Happy Birthday Savannah! You are a cutie!





Hunger Cues: Mommy Can you Hear Me?~ Provided by Erika Henry, DC of Elite Chiropractic


Babies can demonstrate a variety of hunger cues indicating they are ready for breastfeeding.  The best way to have an easy feeding period is to tune-in to baby’s cues before they are crying.  Your baby is probably trying to tell you their hungry well before crying! Crying is actually the last hunger cue!

Hunger Cues:

  • Awakening (when sleeping skin-to-skin this might be the first and only cue, as baby will navigate towards breast for feeding)
  • Soft Sounds
  • Mouthing (licking lips, moving lips, sticking tongue out, making sucking noises)
  • Rooting (turning head & mouth towards stimulus or touch on cheek- moving towards the breast)
  • Crying- begining softly and gradually intensifying

Hopefully you’ll find that breastfeeding is much more pleasant for mom & baby when it’s baby led by hunger cues vs. attempting to feed a fussy baby.  Although breastfeeding is natural, it is a learning process for both you and baby.  Allow yourself time to adjust, tune into cues, and perfect your latch-on techniques (seek the help of a professional if you are becoming frustrated.  Once breastfeeding is established, it can be the most rewarding experience of motherhood.

If you need support during your breastfeed struggles contact Dr. Erika– as a Certified Breastfeeding Specialist (certified through Lactation Education Resources), she can offer assistance, troubleshooting suggestions-as well as, chiropractic care for your infant.


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