Day With My Nephew, Silas


Got to hang out with this cute guy for a day. We spent the morning playing with his cars that Uncle Jonathan picked out and gave him. We then played at the park, and after building up an appetite he was insistent that we go to his favorite place to eat. He ate more of my food then what he ordered, and we found out he likes chili on his hash browns like me. He managed to swoon the ladies into making him a scrambled egg on the side with his cute smiles.

We wrapped up with his favorite show and nap time, then woke up and played with cars again. It was a pretty fun day.

The Birth Story of Ayelet | Kennestone Hospital


So excited to share this beautiful birth story! I did a little something different with their video in that I mixed up the maternity and labor scenes, overlaid some of their letter reading, and added some words they had for after this cutie arrived. This little one was actually born with one of her little hands coming out first – she was ready to be in her mommies arms. I hope you enjoy the sneak peek film! Make sure you are watching in HD by clicking the HD button for best quality.

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