Fresh48 Session

Fresh 48 Session (freSH/ˈfôrdē/āt/ˈseSHən): a photographic service documenting a period within the first 48 hours of life.

A Fresh 48 session typically takes place where you have given birth to your baby, but within the first 48 hours of life. The session is held during normal daytime hours and is relaxed and not posed. I will include some video clips if you are adding this to your birth video package. Session length is approximately an hour and a half to two hours.

Any extra family members who are there visiting may be in the photos if that is your request. The goal of this session is to capture your baby fresh from the womb since they are changing so quickly. This is a great addition to add on if your baby is born during the night and you will not have visitors or your other children yet in your birth service time frame.