About The Photographer


 There is so much beauty in birth that is taken for granted, and being able to show that beauty is just amazing. I am in love with my job. -Megan Bowen

Hey there! I’m Megan Bowen, and I have the utmost joy for what I do. I have a great passion for learning the complexities of the human soul and revealing personalities and life on film. Everyone has a beautiful story to tell and it’s a complete honor to document the ever fleeting moments of life.

I got to witness my first birth at the early age of 10 and was memorized by the whole experience. I attended college in hopes to become a midwife, but poor course counseling pushed me back to focus on my main passion, photography.

Since 2009 I have continuously been educating myself in photography and the physiological and psychological process of birth. I received doula training from DONA international in 2013 and it has served to help me document births to their fullest potential. The birth of a child into the world is a miraculous event. I am completely honored to capture each and every one of the miracles I get to witness be born.

Fun Facts: I was beyond lucky to fall madly in love and marry with my high school sweetheart. We got hitched in 2010 and live with our spunky cat Archer. I was born in California, raised in Georgia and have a small collection of vintage cameras. I enjoy the finer things life has to offer: chocolate, coffee, and crafting.

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