I thoroughly enjoy supporting growing families. As a doula I provide support during pregnancy with two prenatal visits to discuss birth wishes, provide availability in helping you find information, services, and support for your pregnancy, labor, and delivery. I also provide my doula clients a resource guide for further information, develop and achieve personal birth goals, and a local resource guide for support and products.

For labor and delivery, I have many tools available to provide physical and emotional support to my clients. Tools I have available to use for support include massage, acupressure, rebozo work, counter pressure, double hip squeeze, encouraging mindfulness, breath work, personal guided meditation, recommending helpful positions during labor and pushing phases, and emotional support for both for Mom and Dad. My approach is to first help empower your partner to confidently support you, and then be a second hand if a break or more support is needed. For your postpartum, visit we will process and review your birth.

I received my training from Dona International in 2013 and have supported many birth types since. I also use my 30 hours of training as a mindfulness practitioner to help my clients achieve a centered and present birth. Medicated, un-medicated, home birth, VABC’s, Inductions, and multiples are all something I have experience with, and comfortable supporting.

I do have limited availability for doula services taking only one client a month. Depending on our conversations and after assessing your needs, adding photography or videography may not be something I would suggest, though it is an option. If you are interested in setting up a meet and greet to interview me and make sure I am a fit for your birth team, please fill out the form on my contact page, or send me an email at megan@snaplifephoto.com. Another local doula I recommend is Ashley White with Labor of Love who also provides extended postpartum doula services.

My Doula Service Includes:

Email and Text support during pregnancy

On call for labor and delivery 24/7 at 37 weeks

2 Prenatal Visits

Labor and Delivery Support until one hour after birth

One Postpartum Visit


$800 or Add to a Birth Service Package for $400

**I do require families expecting their first baby to take an out of hospital birth education course. Local and online recommendations can be found under the info tab and recommended resources page. Any birth classes that are outside of the hospital will be accepted as birth education and qualify you to receive my services for your birth. Bradley Method and Hypnobabies Courses, online or in person, are accepted**