I added some new goodies at the beginning of the year and wanted to tell you all about them!

My 3/6/12: There is now an option for me to tag along and document your little ones first year! A collection of mini session held at milestones 3 months, 6 months, and 12 months. These are just standard milestone stages I have chosen, but you are free to choose what stages you want documented. Essentially you get a great discount for three mini sessions centered around seeing your baby grow.

Packages Without Birth Services: If documenting birth isn’t for you, there are now package options that can save some cash, but still document amazing periods of welcoming your baby earthside. Classic combinations like maternity and newborn, or go all out and choose maternity, newborn, and a fresh48 session.

Our New Family Sister Site: If you haven’t heard already – I am super excited to tell you about my new sister website Neverland Photo and Video. The site is still a little under construction, but the bones are there. I thought it was a stellar idea to try and bring year round family documentation while having the ability to save clients money. This means multiple sessions – with photo or video – so you can document a wide variety things going on with your family throughout the year. I can only serve a limited amount a families each year (for 2018 we are only taking four, and have only three spots remaining).

The flexibility and things you can do with your package are almost endless. You can have family photos taken a few times a year – lifestyle in home, or outdoors with a more classic look – or choose a session for an individual child for a birthday shoot. You can document a summer event – like going out to picking blueberries, or have a Mommy and Me session. If you choose video, I will be compiling clips that were taken throughout the year so you can watch your children grow before your eyes. I offer flexible payment plans for your package and you can pay if off over multiple months. Packages may change yearly depending on what I feel clients needs are.

Well that’s about it for news. I hope to hear from you soon!

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