Fresh48 Session Special!

What is a Fresh48?

A fresh48 session is a photographic session that takes place within the first 48 hours of your newborns life. They are usually held at the place of birth, but the point is to capture your newborns new and ever changing features, and moments as a family. This session is also a great way to document siblings meeting their new brother or sister for the first time. Click here to view a sample session.

What’s the Special?

Along with the features standard in our Fresh48 session, you will get a beautiful cotton robe  to keep from SilkAndMore. You can pick out the colors you would like by viewing the gown listing here. These gowns are so amazing for postpartum. You can do skin to skin easily, as well as easily nurse your little one. They are not only beautiful for photos but comfortable and functional.

This special will be available from now until the end of the year!

To book your session please send an email to or text/call 770.366.7489