Documenting Your Hospital Birth During COVID-19 Restrictions

COVID-19 has caused a bit of trouble for birthing families everywhere. In most hospitals birthing families are limited to only their spouse or one designated person to go into the hospital with them. This has caused birth photographers and videographers to be left on the outside of documenting births.

I know birth is a life changing event filled with incredible moments to never forget. It is not ideal to have your only support person using their extra hands to document the process, but the virus has left limited options for families to capture these moments. I want to help you get the best outcome for the process. Covid polices and practices are ever changing so please contact me and ask about your options.

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Welcoming Carly Earthside: A Birth Story During the COVID-19 Pandemic

I went on call for this little one’s birth at the start of March. The spread of COVID-19 was worsening every day, so I began regularly checking my temperature while proactively self-isolating to protect myself and my clients. Jodi and I worked together on a plan to ensure we could still document Carly’s birth. Things were changing daily in the week leading up to Carly’s estimated due date.

We faced several hospital policy changes and uncertainty around whether I could even be present when this family welcomed their second baby. Even the day of her birth, we thought I would make it, but things changed again. As Jodi said, “It wouldn’t be Carly’s birth story if there wasn’t change.” Thankfully Jodi’s mom was able to join them, take over some of the documenting, and ended up doing an amazing job!

We decided that I would go with them into the hospital and follow them as far as I was allowed. At that point, they would use my backup camera (set on easy settings for photos), and also take video clips of the birth with their iPhones. I would then combine and edit all the footage to tell their story. I’m so thankful that Jodi and Ryan were flexible in working through these unique challenges to document such a special day. The hassles certainy paid off, and it was a treat to see their unique perspective on the day of her birth. I also got to document going into the hospital with them as well as taking her home for her big introduction to big brother. I hope you enjoy this unique birth story!