A Birth Story: John Martin | Atlanta Birth Photographer

John Martin

Born to Leah and Chase on July 22, 2013

9 lbs 9.5 oz and 23 inches long

Birth Team: Intown Midwifery and Doula Paige White at Atlanta Medical Center



This birth was truly a joy to capture. The love for each other that mom and dad have is so apparent and was magical to capture. Dad was so great with encouraging mom and helping her get this sweet baby here. Doula Paige was so great to work with and was really informative as well as helping mom fight through the pain. Mom was so strong and even if she might not have felt so, looked absolutely beautiful all during labor and postpartum. She was in labor with this little guy for 40 hours, and spent four of those hours pushing him out. It was all worth it when John Martin made his appearance just shy of midnight. Enjoy!

A Birth Story: Vivien Leigh | Atlanta Birth Photographer

Patrick and Katie were wonderful enough to be my guinea pigs in photographing my first birth. It could not have been a more perfect labor and delivery. It was a complete honor to be a part of such a special night. In advance to the story, I want to thank them for being so fun, excited, and thankful for me being there.

I got a text from Katie on April 26th at 7:49pm saying she was in labor and they were heading to the hospital. Vivien was due to arrive on May 17th, so everyone was surprised she decided to come a little early. At 8:57pm Dad sent me a text saying they were ready for me to come. Mom had already arrived to the hospital 8cm dilated so I grabbed my camera bag, threw on some comfy shoes, and hit the road. One interesting thing happened on my drive there that the parents didn’t know. While I was making my way out of the city, I got to see a little fireworks show on the interstate. Atlantic Station must have heard the news that Vivien was on her way!

With some minor confusion finding the Women’s Center, I arrived just as they were finishing up the epidural. The atmosphere was very calm and relaxing, and we did have a lot of fun! The Northside Hospital staff were amazing and we had a lot of fun talking with them. Katie is a real trooper; she was laughing and talking with everyone right up until the delivery. Patrick was very attentive to his sweet wife and always tried to do as much as he could to help. We talked about life stories, careers, and the baby pool they had going on with friends and family.

Labor slowed down a little from the epidural but then picked back up after receiving some help from pitocin. It was 1am when Katie was directed to start giving some pushes. With a few breaks (some long, some short), Vivien arrived at 3:15am. Mom and Dad were beyond happy and were in love at first sight.

I hope everyone enjoys the sneak peak of these photographs! They will be wonderful memories for years to come.

Favorite quotes from the night:

While preparing Katie for the delivery:
“Now honey, you’re gonna have to do everything that your Momma taught you not to do” – Midwife Amanda

While Katie was holding Vivien:
“I have a little person now!” – Katie

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