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Hot New Product! The Ultimate Baby Registry

Hello Again!

This hot baby product is one of my all time favorites to tell expecting families about. Babylist lets you add products to your baby registry from multiple stores. That’s right. You can add all your favorite items from Etsy, Target, Amazon, and traditional baby stores. You can also register for non-traditional items like meals and dinning out gift cards for postpartum. You can even put your birth photographer on it ;]

They make it very easy to add and organize your items with special tool bar add on’s. Jump on over and start creating your baby list by clicking here. Happy baby planning!


Snap Life Photography LLC does not receive any compensation or benefits for our Hot Product recommendations. They are purely based on personal experience and recommendations from moms. If you have a hot product you love feel free to comment your favorite one or email me at to recommend one!

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Hot New Product! Baby Photo Book

Artifact Uprising is one of my favorite places to get prints and books. Their products are clean, simple, and timeless. They have recently come out with something that I think will be a great use for your documentation services received! How amazing would it be to fill this baby book with your birth images, newborn session, and beyond? It’s such an incredible idea. The video on their site for the product is a must watch, and brings all the feels. This book comes with a pen and adhesive to attach any prints you want. Check it out by clicking here.


Images from Artifact Uprising

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