Service and Pricing Guide

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Why Does Birth Documentation Cost So Much?

So, you have just seen the pricing information for birth services and might have some sticker shock. It can be surprise to find that having a professional document your birth can be a decent financial investment. After all, there are many important purchases that need to be made when having a baby. You certainly do not need a birth photographer to have a sweet healthy baby, but it is a very valuable service. Please know that I do offer payment plans, you can pay with any credit card, and I am happy to set up a registry for friends and family to help give towards your package as a baby gift.

Birth photography and videography are very different from some of the family photographic services you may have received. Many in the industry have compared this services to wedding photography, but it’s really in a league of its own. If you hired a wedding photographer, think back to hiring them and their packages.

Wedding documentation services have different prices based on the length of time you need them, the products you will get, and services you will receive. Now, imagine telling your wedding photographer that you are not sure of the date your wedding is happening, how long your wedding will be (could be 6 hours or 96 hours), they would have to drop everything to come to your wedding when you call, skip the margaritas on dinner dates while on call for you, and potentially miss family events and holidays. It’s a lot of pressure and it’s a lot of sacrifice to document births. Being willing to roll out of bed at 2am only on a few hours of sleep is a big deal.

While birth photographers vary greatly in their services, personality, and pricing, we all have one thing in common. We are passionate about birth. There is hardly anything more incredible than witnessing new life being welcomed into the world. I love giving my clients the ability to look back on one of the biggest days of their life. I love helping them remember their partners and family/friends reactions, the things they couldn’t see, an outsiders perspective, to remember how tiny their baby was in their arms, and all the details that make up their birth story. The sacrifices are worth being able to freeze time in this incredible moment.

I am not just going to bring my passion to your birth. While passion gives me motivation to see past the downsides of life on call, I’m also going to bring my nine years of photography experience to your birth. Birth documentation is a challenge in its own. There are fast moments to document, very challenging lighting situations that require creativity and experience, and extensive camera knowledge to capture these moments. I am also bringing my knowledge of birth. I received my doula training in 2013 through DONA International and have read many books, research, and articles about the physiological and psychological aspects of birth. Knowing where to stand, where I can and cannot be, and how to respect your birth space is just as important to me as knowing my equipment.

Everyone and everything alive is born. It is a journey we each share with every human on earth. Our birth story is as unique as our fingerprint and it only happens once. Life is about moments. I truly believe investing in high quality documentation to remember your most important life events, will be one of the best investments you will be glad you made 20 years from now. Even a year from now.