Dear Megan with Snap Life Photography,
This is a testimonial letter for you and your amazing photography!
First, thank you from the bottom of my heart!

My wife and I have been photographers for over 8 years and I’m a Certified Professional Photographer with Professional Photographers of America.With that being said it’s hard to find the right photographer that meets our needs because we are so judge mental of others works of art.
My wife and I struggled through 8 years of infertility and had two miscarriages and had given up on getting pregnant and were about to adopt when we discovered we were pregnant!! We asked for referrals and were given Megan of Snap Life Photography. We liked her work and set up an interview and spoke with her. She immediately set our mind at ease! She has such a great and loving personality. We had several sessions with her and we absolutely fell in love with her style and edits of photographs! She is so talented.

When it was time for the birth of our precious baby girl, Megan beat us to the hospital and did not leave our side. We don’t know what we would have done without her there! She has documented something that is timeless and will last a lifetime and a masterpiece to pass down for years to come! Thank you Megan for your love, compassion and professionalism! It shows in all you do!
Adelle and Travis Graham, CPP
TAG Photography, LLC   Greenville, SC

I hardly even noticed Megan was in the room with us. We may not have believed she was there without having the pictures! I came to realize that selfies are not that cool when it comes to the birth of your child. I would encourage all parents to budget for a professional birth photographer. The images mean to me that God created life and we are blessed to live it. The work wasn’t easy, but it resulted in us meeting our son and the bond with my wife and family is even stronger. The images remind us that anything is possible! -Zach F.

 When we met Megan she made us feel so comfortable and so at ease with everything. She had such a positive energy, and she was just as excited as we were for the birth of our first baby. During my labor I had no idea that she was there. She was somehow invisible and yet captured amazing images of the most difficult and beautiful day of my life. Having these pictures to look back on is such a priceless gift!

Every time I look at them I am instantly transported back to that day and am overcome with emotion. I know that without these pictures our memory of our daughter’s birth would not be complete. These images are something that our family will cherish forever and we can’t wait to share them with our daughter when we tell her about the day she was born. We would recommend Megan to anyone wanting to hire a birth photographer, you will not regret it! We can’t imagine not having a birth photographer now and we would definitely hire her again in a heartbeat. Thank you Megan for everything!

-Lauren H.

Having never experienced a birth before, I don’t know how I would have felt different without Megan being there. What I can say is that having Megan there allowed me to focus on my wife and helping her however possible through labor. We had a great experience and cherish those first moments that might not have been captured otherwise. Megan was there for moral support the whole way; we didn’t have any local family to be at the hospital with us so a friendly face in the room was definitely helpful.

Megan’s experience certainly showed through the images that she was able capture for us. Little things like the photograph of our little one being weighed and measured for the first time we will forever cherish. I absolutely adore my little girl and Megan took one of my most favorite pictures when I held her hand and looked into her eyes for the first time. That image wouldn’t have been possible without Megan there.

– Patrick L.

Being pregnant with my second daughter  was truly a blessing for my family.  I knew for this pregnancy I wanted to have maternity photos since I didn’t do it with my first and later regretted it.  I looked to Megan because she offered maternity, birth and newborn sessions.  I have to say the birth photography caught my interest.  I then decided to look into it.  I thought to myself, “Wow! How wonderful to have someone take pictures and I wouldn’t have to rely on my husband or mother to take the pictures”.  Because let me tell you, on labor day, taking pictures is the last thing on my husbands mind or my mothers.  It was definitely an unexpected benefit for our family.

My husband even said “Having Megan as our photographer was the best decision because it was less stress for me to deal with”.  My husband knows that pictures mean the world to me.  Megan didn’t let us down.  She caught every precious new moment for my family.  I highly recommend hiring a birth photographer because for me I now have beautiful pictures to cherish with every new moment with our newest daughter.  I also have found a new friend.  Thank you Megan Bowen for all of our cherished maternity, our birth and newborn pictures. My pictures are priceless!

-Stacey and Mike S.

I highly recommend birth photography and Snap Life photography. We weren’t sure if we wanted a photographer in the room with us because when you think about labor it’s kind of a vulnerable state and well let’s face it, kind of graphic. All I have to say is Megan was a trooper! I was in labor for 44 hours and the day our son was born things got rolling around 10am. We told Megan it might be a while but she came and stayed the whole day. I now understand how people film reality shows because you will more than likely forget she is even there.

I’m pretty sure I forgot all about her by about 11am and our son wasn’t born until 11:44pm that night. She also stayed in the room while I pushed for 4 hours. My labor was atypical to say the least but Megan hung in there. She assured me that all shots would be from a flattering angle at my request (meaning no pics from the angle of my feet). That was something I just wasn’t comfortable with. You’re so focused in those moments that your child is born and it was so wonderful to be able to relive that day without the pain. Not to mention, with all that going on you might just miss the moment your husband holds your baby for the first time and that is probably the sweetest moment you will ever see in your entire life!

We would most definitely consider birth photography for our next child. One thing I wish we would have had was the integration of video. I see that she is doing that now and it looks so cool! Good luck to all!!

-Leah & Chase O.

My husband and I truly enjoyed having Megan during our labor and delivery. We felt very comfortable with her in the room with us to share such a special moment. It was like she wasn’t even there. I guess together with all the pain and excitement of meeting our son James, the thought of anything other than what’s right never crossed our minds. We wouldn’t have had it any other way.

We were very happy that we made the decision to go with a birth photographer. We highly recommend that families would budget for a birth photographer. We had our memories captured of that special moment to share with family and friends, and that’s priceless.

-James and Jen H.

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